• Geriatric Care Management
• Elder Care Management
• Guardianship

Castle Rock serves persons in the greater Boise, Idaho area with aging-related issues, mental health, traumatic brain injury, or developmental disabilities. We also assist families who live out of the area by providing care management services for their loved ones. If a family member has been appointed as a guardian, we can assist them with their guardianship responsibilities.  We specialize in Geriatric and Elder Care Management.

Our goal is to provide peace-of-mind by helping you or your loved one maintain a dignified and safe lifestyle that honors your/their values and choices with as much independence as possible. Contact us to discuss your questions and needs. We can make your life less stressful!

Our Services

Elder Care Management

Our experienced professionals work with families, clients, conservators, and others to meet the individual's unique needs. Our goal is to help you and/or your loved one maintain a dignified and safe lifestyle that honors values and lifestyle choices.


We gather psychosocial histories, medical, and personal information to create an assessment that will determine the care and services you or a loved one may require.

Housing & Relocation

We know community resources which give us an advantage in seeking placement into Certified Family Homes, Mental Health Shelter Homes, Traumatic Brain Injury apartments, Retirement, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Nursing Homes.


Castle Rock is appointed by the court to make life decisions and arrange care for an incapacitated person. The guardian makes decisions about where the protected person will live and assures their medical, social, and emotional needs are met.

Power of Attorney

We can provide you with a convenient and cost effective way to plan for your health care needs. We will be there when you need us, to advocate for you to insure the choices you made will be carried out as planned.


Our staff will meet with you to identify and resolve care needs. Our extensive experience allows us to help you develop a workable plan and identify the correct resources to make your plan work.