Castle Rock Services staff will meet with you to identify and resolve care needs. Our extensive experience allows us to help you develop a workable plan and identify the correct resources to make your plan work. Working together, we utilize available resources to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Assessments and Evaluation

We gather psychosocial histories, medical, and personal information to create an assessment that will determine the care and services you or a loved one may require. Based on this information, our Care Managers consult with you to make an individualized, personal values-based Care Plan.

Care Management

Our experienced, professional, background checked Elder Care Managers (also known as Geriatric Care Managers and Senior Care Managers) work with families, clients, conservators, attorneys, banks, and others to meet the individual’s unique needs. Castle Rock representatives assure that doctor’s orders are followed, medications are ordered, and the appropriate support services are in place. Care Management often includes regular home visits to assess your loved one’s status and needs. We are there to comfort, assist, and advocate for the best possible results during doctor appointments, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations. We work with healthcare discharge planners and social workers to assure a smooth transition home with homemaking, shopping, and support services in place. We keep you up-to-date about your loved one’s care and status every step of the way. Our Geriatric Care Management services are also available when family members are away on business or vacation. Contact us to discuss your questions and needs. We can make your life more enjoyable!


Castle Rock arranges and manages care for the protected person (client) based on their life values and their best interest. We work with you and your loved one, whenever possible, to make informed and mutually agreeable decisions about care and placement.  Castle Rock follows the standards and guidelines of the National Guardianship Association to implement a person-centered plan of care, also known as a treatment plan.

Housing and Relocation

We will locate an appropriate living arrangement that meets your needs and coordinate the move to be as stress free as possible. We can also help families relocate their loved ones in or out of the greater Boise area.

Castle Rock Care Managers know community resources which gives us an advantage in finding placement into Certified Family Homes, Retirement, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Homes, or Behavioral Health Facilities. Our goal is to help you and your loved one choose the most comfortable and least restrictive housing solution that meets your needs.

Power of Attorney for Health Care / Living Wills

Castle Rock Services can provide you with a convenient and cost-effective way to plan for your health care needs by serving as the Health Care Agent on a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. You can feel secure knowing we will be there when you need us to advocate for you to insure the choices you made will be carried out as planned.  If you are out of town, we will be here to act in your place as you have directed.